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Lead Story December 2014

Anglican Aboriginal Bishop announced for South Australia

Posted on: December 24, 2014 6:45 PM
Chris McLeod will have a role of listening, caring and advocacy
Photo Credit: Diocese of Adelaide
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From the Diocese of Adelaide

Archbishop Jeffrey Driver has announced the appointment of an Aboriginal Bishop for South Australia.

The Rev’d Chris McLeod, a Gurindji man who has been involved in ministry among and beside Aboriginal people in Anglican orders for more than 20 years, will be consecrated as an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Adelaide early next year.

The Adelaide Diocesan Council approved the appointment after consultation with each of the Archbishops of the Australian Church and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Anglican Council.

The Rev’d McLeod will be responsible for developing and overseeing ministry among Aboriginal people which Archbishop Driver says is an important step by the Anglican Church on the walk to reconciliation.

“This appointment is in response to a need as well as a statement of commitment,” the Archbishop says.

“As a Bishop, Chris McLeod will have a role of listening, caring and advocacy.  I know that he will be sensitive to the culture and story of the Aboriginal people.

“My hope is that this will open up a new time for Aboriginal people in their relationship with the Anglican Church and that together we will enrich the life of our State.”

Anglicare SA has given in-principle support for part-funding of The Rev’d McLeod’s appointment and he will be working closely with their staff to build strong community connections.

“For many Aboriginal people spirituality is integral to their well being. I hope to encourage those who are Christian to live out their faith in close connection to their culture,” The Rev’d McLeod says.

 “For those who are not Christian, I hope to be able to encourage them to see that the good news of Jesus is compatible with a celebration of Aboriginal identity. I also hope I will be a strong advocate for justice for all Aboriginal people.

 “I hope that those who have Anglican backgrounds will consider their association with the Church but also intend to encourage those who are current members of the Anglican Church to find the Church a place where their culture and unique histories will be celebrated.”

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