Bible Studies

This is a resource page for Leaders and Self Study purposes.

E100 and Essential Jesus from Bible Society is good.

10 Suggestions

1. Opening Prayer/ Karakia

2. Icebreaker

3. Questions - triggered by the passage content.

4. Use a verb in the passage and explore it

5. Think of some life situations similar to passage

6. Action Points - is there something you can DO from this passage?
Paint, sing, move, write, act of service, words of affirmation, gift giving, quality time, physical touch - explore the 5 Love langagues in a biblical context...

7. Can you think of any other scripture to explain, explore or example the passage or ideas?

8. Watch a video and discuss

9. Share favourite hymns/ songs and look at the words- are they scriptural, where do they come from, are they true, should they be changed in any way or do we just agree with what we sing without thinking?

10. What will you do this week that you will start, stop or continue from what you have heard, seen or understood from this session?