Our Goals and Values


  1. To provide quality education and training
  2. To provide opportunities for people to gain and develop skills and knowledge
  3. To provide upskilling opportunities for people already involved in ministry
  4. To provide, through matauranga Māori , a unique learning environment
  5. To nurture and enable people to develop an awareness and knowledge of Tikanga Māori and Karaitiana Māori 
  6. To produce learners who are confident, competent and professional in Minitatanga and/or Awhi Whānau
  7. To produce learners who are confident and competent in Te Reo me ona tikanga
  8. To strengthen and develop members of the Diocese of Te Waipounamu
  9. To build relationships with educational institutes and professional groups with similar interests in Te Waipounamu, Aotearoa-New Zealand and abroad
  10. To develop links and share information and resources with educational institutions in Te Waipounamu
  11. To use resources efficiently and effectively


  1. We remember the huge sacrifices of those who have gone before us
  2. We respect and trust each other, and protect each other
  3. We rejoice in our Māoritanga and accept change and progress in the continuing re-definition of our tikanga
  4. We strive to uphold the dignity, humility, integrity and credibility of the individuals who make up Te Whare Wānanga
  5. We challenge ourselves individually and collectively in the way we are progressing and developing
  6. We continue to learn from our mistakes and rejoice and celebrate in our successes
  7. We are committed to equality of opportunity, to equity and to fairness in all aspects of our whanau.
  8. We acknowledge that all things are not equal, that perception and reality mean we will see things in different ways, yet we will always be guided by our desire to help Māori 
  9. We value, cherish and respect our diverse tribal backgrounds. We do this because the cooperative movement of our heritage has shaped Te Whare Wānanga
  10. We are committed to and value ALL Māori 
  11. We measure ourselves by the way in which we treat and uplift our people
  12. We respect integrity and credibility in the way we conduct ourselves. We also value courage and tenacity, and will always conduct ourselves with dignity and humility