Dunedin Hospital Chapel

The Rohe has been going for over forty years. Te Reo Maori is used extensively in the Sunday service, often only the readings, collects and sermon are in English. While the worship is mainstream Mihinare people from denominations other than Anglican feel at home in this Hahi.

Services of Worship
12.00noon Every Sunday Eucharist/ Kaihapa                       
Services are held in Te Reo Maori and English.

Ministry Team

Priest in Charge: Venerable Emeritus Philip Charles
Ordained Ministers: Rev Canon Wiremu Quedley, Rev Canon Bella Morrell
KaikarakiaRahab Brown
YouthRahab Brown, Vladimir Manza

Dunedin has small but very dedicated team. Philip Charles’s main responsibility is the administration of the Hahi.  Bella Morrell is well known in the Dunedin Maori community and has been a key member of various Maori welfare and educational organisations. Both Bella and Phillip are Chaplains to Maori for the Dunedin and Wakai Hospitals.

Wiremu Quedley has retired to Dunedin and remains an active priest. Vladimir Manza is Rahab Brown's mokopuna and is a senior student at High School. 

“Unity commands God’s blessing”